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Jobelyn Dietary Supplement

The Essential Daily
Health Supplement

Jobelyn is a highly effective dietary supplement which strengthens the body’s immune system and helps it
fight off diseases. 



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Jobelyn® Sorghum Capsules

What Is Jobelyn

Jobelyn is a multi-functional natural dietary supplement made from Sorghum bicolour with very high anti-oxidant capacity. It supports and enhances the natural anti-inflammatory functions of the body, whilst also creating a conducive and stable immune system with it's unique properties with which it can help the body repair and defend itself against a life-threatening disease condition.

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The Benefits

The deep red sorghum colour of Jobelyn is a hint at what this ancient grain’s main effect is on: your blood. 


  • Strong Anti-Oxidant support helps prevent oxidation of red blood cells

  • Combat ailments of the blood​

  • Protect your cells against the effects of free radicals, which play a role in major ailments


  • Helps improve joint health by inhibiting the release of
    inflammatory properties


  • Maintains and stimulates healthy blood production

  • Reduces swelling after physical activity and workouts and improves recovery time in athletes

Immune Support

  • Can bring relief to stressed circulatory systems

  • Immune activating components for the body to help combat colds and flu

  • Essential Vitamins A, B, C and Omega 3 and 6 to sustain wellness

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Sorghum is the embodiment of a superfood. Sorghum bicolour leaf powder (which is what Jobelyn encapsulates) can be used for baking, mixing into drinks, and cooking - and will provide the most nutritional content of all superfoods.

African tribal culture has long touted red sorghum leaf extract for its value in helping the health and wellbeing of people who struggle with anaemia, heart disease, joint pain, and poor immune system response. The civilizations of ancient Africa knew this, and now you do too: incorporating sorghum into your daily routine will help you feel better and recover faster.




"Since I started taking Jobelyn this past Autumn I have less joint pains and body aches.  I also feel more energized."

-Sherida V. 


"I feel full of energy. My body is kickstarting again. I feel happy and wake up in a very good mood."


"Amongst Jobelyn’s many chronicled medical benefits, the one that stands out for me is it’s antioxidant effect which promotes bowel movements."

- Funmi. J

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